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Things one Needs to Consider while Designing a Parking Lot
Vehicles have been used as a means of transport for the last century. It is, therefore, the owner’s responsibility to consider a place they will park their cars. Parking vehicles have to be done in a safe way to avoid inconveniences. Parking lots have been created to park the vehicles when not in use. Therefore several factors need to be considered while designing a parking lot. They will be explained widely in this article.
One has to identify the reason for designing a parking lot. People must consider the various reasons why they are designing the parking lots. Paring lots can be designed for personal or retail use. The two lots require extreme differences while designing. Thus people need to consider the purpose of designing the lot. It is essential to consider the kind of vehicles to use the parking lot. the sizes will by default determine the size of the vehicle to use the lot. Big organizations need to consider the maximum number of vehicles expected in the premise and cater for them all. For small purposes one need to consider designing small lots.
Pavements should be designed accordingly. One need to consider creating a thicker pavement for heavy duty purpose. Larger tracks may desire more depth. The parking angles should be entirely considered. Different parking angles are desired for different cars. For example angles within 45 to 60 degrees are designed for higher turnover vehicles.
Secondly it is important to calculate on the size and space desired. It is important to do the measurements and record them up before designing. For instance the parking lot sizes and spacing may vary depending on the geographical regions, building types and industries. By calculating the maximum number of vehicles expected to design for. Apparently one has to consider the drainage provision in the parking lot. With a well-designed drainage system one will eventually have a durable parking lot. One needs to design the parking lot carefully in a manner that there will be no standing water in case it rains. The other consideration to make is by considering the landscape of the parking lot. If the place is sloppy one need to put up measures to prevent vehicles from wheeling back.
Finally it is crucial to do the lighting to the lot. People need to conveniently park, and therefore one has to consider adding light to the parking lot. Lights should, therefore, provide vision to the drivers. In case of a fully parked area the lighting must adequately light through the place.

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