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Ultimate Survival Guide When Flying From Albany

The reality is that the two biggest problems in any airport are delayed flights and lost baggage. There is very little we can do on our own power to solve these problems. However, there are some things we share in order to survive your stay in Albany airport. It is best to know thing to ensure your stay in Albany International Airport is pleasurable using this airport guide.

Without a doubt, arriving at the airport is the most stressful time when you make the visit. It is normal for airlines to call for a 45-minute check-in time. It means that you need to check your luggage 45 minutes before the plane leaves. If the rule is not followed, there is a possibility of you getting barred from boarding. It is possible to board the plane if you only have a carry-on, however, you need to be at the airport about 30 minutes before the plane leaves. Make sure that you are at the boarding gate around 15 minutes before the plane leaves. Make it a point that as a passenger you need to be at the airport 90 minutes before the plane leaves.

The good thing with Albany International Airport is the fact baggage carts are available in the baggage claim area and the parking garage. Usually, the carts cost around $4. One can get a 25-cent refund upon return of the carts. There are people who may not have the time to get just a quarter to return the cart.

Normally, each passenger gets to have a carry-on bag and one personal item such as a purse, laptop, a briefcase, among others beyond the security checkpoint. Some electronic devices are permitted as carry-on such as cellular phones, electronic hand-held gadgets, and video cameras.

Passengers should be aware about bringing liquids in containers more than 3.4 ounces. It is best to put these items in the checked bag to save from any hassle and for the security.

It is recommended that if transporting the liquids, put them in a transparent container and place inside plastic bags. Several exceptions may include medication, baby formula and breast milk. The items may not exceed three ounces and must be presented to security during inspection at the checkpoint.

Airport shopping is another facet to look forward when visiting an airport. The shopping center is conveniently located at the first floor of the terminal. The concession stand offers some hand-crafted gifts, artwork, and other mementos from regional museums and cultural institutions.

Truly, there are a lot of things you need to consider in order to make your visit to Albany International Airport comfortable and less stress. Surviving your visit will entail information that will result in good decisions.

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